VISIA Complexion Analysis

Have you ever wondered your skin’s true age? Would you like to know which areas of your face are sun damaged? Are you unsure which skin care treatment options are best for your skin?

A VISIA Complexion Analysis can give you all those answers and more! VISIA is an incredible diagnostic machine that analyzes the skin many layers deep. It identifies problem areas that cannot be seen with the naked eye. VISIA analyzes and pinpoints spots (freckles, acne scars, vascular lesions, and hyperpigmentation), pore size, wrinkles, texture, porphyrins (bacterial excretions), UV spots (sun damage), red areas (acne, rosacea, inflammation, and broken capillaries) and brown spots (hyperpigmentation, freckles, age spots, and brown patches). It then compiles your data and compares your skin to others in your age category.

*Recommended for everyone.

*VISIA is included for all first-time facials. VISIA not only educates you about your skin, but it also gives your aesthetician an in-depth understanding of your skin, so he or she can customize product choices for your treatment and recommend the best, most effective products for you to take home.

30-minute consultation: $50


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