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At Skin by Tatum, we believe that healthy lifestyles and positive actions affect our well being. We offer an array of skin services to help you rejuvenate your body. Our cozy studio is located in the beautiful Miami Beach. We work with our clients to illuminate their best skin possible – clear, clean, youthful & glowing.

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  • Skin by Tatum

    Skin by Tatum

    44 reviews
    Skin by Tatum Location: 1819 W Ave Unit 1 Miami Beach, FL 33139 Phone: +13055315994
  • Laura J.

    Laura J.

    1st time getting a facial from Madeleine at Skin by Tatum. First saw a post from Gabrielle's Union's page and told my friend, who's been before referred Madeleine. Really enjoyed my experience. I walked and the staff was very friendly, love the decor, very relaxing and peaceful Since this was my 1st time going Madeleine did a an assessment of my face and told me my problems areas. She was very knowledgeable about skin. She knows her stuff! After my facial done my face was glowing!
  • Andrea S.

    Andrea S.

    I absolutely love this place! The facials are nearly 3 hours and they really pay attention to detail and give your skin the care it deserves.  The results are  immeadielty visible. I always leave glowing and get compliments on my skin the next day.

    Sure its a little pricey but I'm a firm believer in "you get what you pay for" and when it comes to your skin it should be nothing but the best products, treatments, and care.

    The esthecians here are also really sweet and helpful.
  • Cat C.

    Cat C.

    Was breaking out during my vacation in Miami and needed a facial badly.  Saw Madeleine and she was fantastic!  We discussed my skin and how I will be on the sun for a week and needed a gentle procedure.  Loved the ultrasonic facial and my skin calmed down afterwards.  I love all their great products too!
  • Elizabeth S.

    Elizabeth S.

    I had the most amazing experience here today! I never really write reviews but i felt like i really had to this time! I had my osmosis facial done by Deza (she's amazing) she literally took her time to look up everything i've used on my skin for the last couple of weeks. She went into extreme detail about everything she would do and genuinely cared about my skin and how I can improve it in the long run. Tatum was also wonderful! She gave me some samples and talked to me about my skin and the products that i should use, she didn't push her own products either. She just went over what ingredients I should be applying and the importance of them. I will definitely be back and I highly, highly recommend this spot to anyone who wants to improve their skin! Also, the visia machine is pretty cool! It shows you what your skin looks like beneath the first layer and how you can prevent long term damage. Absolutely love this place!
  • Stacey C.

    Stacey C.

    Best Facial in Miami! If you love great skin and are looking for the latest and greatest in natural skincare then SkinbyTatum is your go to must do place!
  • Nicole D.

    Nicole D.

    Skin by Tatum is THE BEST. They find out your concerns, learn what your current skin care regimen is and then analyze your skin using the latest technology. Then she does what's best to help you reach your skin care goals using the best products, her time proven technique and the best equipment. Tatum is knowledgeable, personable and welcoming. You will leave with glowing skin and a warm heart. I'm looking forward to my next appointment.
  • Donielle A.

    Donielle A.

    Tatum is Absolutely Phenomenal! She is Very Knowledgeable In Her Scope Of Practice! Every Part About my Facial Was Sensational. My Face Was Glowing After The Facial Was Finished. Her Spa is Also Well Put Together & the Staff Is Very Accommodating. I definitely would recommend AnyOne to Get a Facial Done at Skin By Tatum , it is One Of A Kind ! I can't wait for my next one ;)! My face loves Tatum!
  • Beelump L.

    Beelump L.

    I got my first facial from Madeleine at Skin by Tatum after seeing a post on Gabrielle Union's instagram. What an amazing experience! First I got a thorough consultation. Then I got a detailed explanation of what Madeleine was going to do. I had a very relaxing experience - even though the rooms aren't private it was a great energy and space, more cozy than crowded. It felt intimate and like I was part of a members only club or VIP room without the velvet rope attitude. Most importantly my skin hasn't looked or felt this good in a long time. Ultimately my visits will save me money by delaying the inevitable Botox and fillers that are in my future. I will definitely be back and have already referred a friend. Thanks for such great service!!!
  • Jennifer M.

    Jennifer M.

    I have never had better facials in my life than at Skin by Tatum.  A fine balance of natural & clinical products as well as elements of massage and relaxation are all a part of even the entry level massage here.  

    I went for the first time last year when psoriasis had taken over my face and no dermatologist could help me.  Within weeks of my first facial and Osmosis daily products, I was 95% better.  

    Now I go for preventative, health and to try different add ons such as the derma plane which I did yesterday.  Such a cool feeling!  

    Please do yourself a favour and get a facial there.
  • Geraldine U.

    Geraldine U.

    I came across Sbt while I was looking for a very good place for facials. I saw it on instagram. Jonathan Cheban was wearing a mask that I've never seen.  

    After doing my own research I was happy to find out that this place was actually well reviewed and had an overall great experience with its clients. My specialist was Dezza super sweet and very knowledgeable about products and skin care. I was greeted by her and had a great chat after taking my picture on the vizio machine. I was very surprised about my own skin and some sun damaged and brown spots I have.

    Overall was a great experience. My face ended up glowy after my Hydro facial. I will be coming back to do the L. E. D. Face mask and the Osmosis facial!! Love the place and the great care of Dezza!!
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