Exfoliation Menu (75 minutes each)

Create your own treatment facial! Choose 1 Exfoliation and 2-3 Technologies to complete your skin care treatment. An aesthetician trained by Tatum or Tatum herself will administer your facial as per your request. All Exfoliation options include customized serums and a mask application.

Ultrasonic (Skin by Tatum Signature Cleaning) $170

After a customized blend of exfoliants is applied to the skin, our ultrasonic technology glides under the skin to vibrate the oil, dirt, and debrisand other impactions out of the pores. This treatment smoothes skin’s texture and leaves you with a luscious complexion.

Recommended for everyone, especially sensitive skin, rosacea, teenage skin, pregnancy, and congested skin.

Osmosis Infusion $195

An Osmosis Facial Infusion is a non-chemical, acid-based peel which generates 30 days of elastin and collagen production (to plump the skin) without damaging the epidermis, the skin’s outer layer. Key ingredients include acids (mandelic, thioctic, hyaluronic, and lactic), vitamin A (from carrots), and sea buckthorn, a wound healer. This treatment has short healing period, usually about 1 day.

Recommended for acne, aging, rosacea, pregnancy acne, mask of pregnancy, and hyperpigmentation.

Multivitamin Facial $195

A cocktail of vitamins that targets hyperpigmentation, helps improve skin texture and helps protect skin from free radicals

Recommended for sun damaged and dehydrated, dull skin

Dermaplane (Add-on to facial) $150

A physical from of exfoliation that uses a medical scalpel to remove the top layer of dead skin while also removing vellus hairs (peach fuzz), leaving the skin smooth and radiant.

Recommended for dullness, uneven skin tone, and hyperpigmentation


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