Tatum’s Specialties

Jet Peel Signature Facial – $350.00

JetPeel combines the benefits of lymphatic drainage, extractions, dermabrasion & microneedling – in a customizable, touch-free treatment that offers instant and long term results. Lymphatic drainage, exfoliation, infusion ( aka “needle-free microneedling”: Customized, bioactive nutrients are infused deep into the skin providing hydration, plumping & anti-aging benefits.) Booster Infusion: An additional, targeted infusion to enhance results including Vitamin C, A+E, B5 and Hyaluronic acid.


Jessner Peel – $500.00

Applied on chest, neck, and face. LYCO IONIC JESSNER PEEL combines Resorcinol, Salicylic Acid, L-lactic Acid, Red Wine and Lycopene to provide a very noticeable and effective exfoliation. Jessner peels are deeper than AHA peels due to the combination and strength of the peeling agents. Great for those who are acne prone, photo damaged/hyper pigmented, have fine lines, or have post inflammatory pigmentation due to acne scarring. For brighter, more evenly pigmented, soft and healthy skin.


Glow By Tatum (Add-on) – $1000.00

GLow By Tatum amniotic fluid product delivers over 200 biologiclly active cytikines and growth factors, hyaluronic acid, RNA and micoRNA to renew and regenerate the treatment area. Glow By Tatum contains messengers which help cells communicate with one another to promote a healing response, these messengers help build the right types of collagen to promote a healthy, glowing skin.