Facial Add-Ons

Choose any of these treatments to compliment your facial!

Oxygen $75

Oxygen hydrates the skin, tightens pores, revitalizes and plumps the skin, and gives you an overall sense of well being – just from breathing in pure, unpolluted oxygen!

Recommended for sun exposure/sun damage, smoking, and aging, and dehydrated skin. (30 minutes)


LED $85

LED light therapy hydrates the skin, decreases oil production, kills bacteria and tightens the pores. Different lights have different healing functions: Green regulates pigment under the skin; Red stimulates elastin and collagen production and kills bacteria; Blue diminishes oil production and kills bacteria; Yellow heals broken capillaries.

Recommended for all skin types. (30 minutes)


Electric Mask $55

Plump and rejuvenate using electric current with this add-on!


Zit Zap

Say bye-bye to pesky pimples with our Zit Zap treatment. Perfect as an add on or even on its own!


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