Nutritional Consultations

Work with Renée to learn about what foods you should be incorporating or eliminating from your diet.
Optimize your health and overall wellness from the inside out!

Personalized Nutritional/Wellness Programs

Work with Renée to create a personalized program that focuses on your needs. Everyone is different
and we will work together step-by-step to reach you or your entire family’s health and wellness goals

Workshops for Small Business

Renée offers informative seminars to small businesses and their employees. Your staff can learn
important information on a variety of health-related topics. All workshops include samples of healthy
snacks, juices and treats.

GROW by Green Eggs & Kale TM

A new program focusing on growing families. Choose one or all three phases of the GROW
program to suit your needs!

  1. Nutrition for Fertility: Planning to get pregnant soon? What you eat now has an effect on
    your DNA, your overall health and the future health of your baby. Additionally, learn how
    you and your partner can increase the likelihood of getting pregnant through the right,
    nutritious foods and lifestyle choices.
  2. Nutrition During Pregnancy: You body goes through major changes during pregnancy.
    Your nutritional needs may drastically change and so should your focus. Renée will go
    over a variety of factors and teach you how to eat right for you and your baby’s needs.
  3. Raising a Healthy Family: What to do now that you have had your beautiful baby? What
    are your options for feeding your newborn? Maybe you already have a family – How
    do you navigate all the different options at the grocery store to find the most nutritious
    foods for your family? Renée will teach you how to manage your time so that everyone,
    including you , can eat clean, nutritious meals that don’t consume your entire day to
    prepare! Lean what works for you and save time & money!

Nutritious Nanny Program

Do you have regular household help? Does this person have extra time to go to the grocery store or prepare meals for your family while you are busy? Let Green Eggs & KaleTM and a guest chef work with you and your household help to create a program that is tailored or customized to your family's needs.