Revitalizing Facial with Alluring Results

This facial begins by cleaning every pore and follicle. From the grit you feel in your chin to the blackheads you see
in your nose. Enzymes soften the skin and loosen the impactions so ultrasonic technology can gently glide under
the skin to vibrate the debris out of the pore. This exfoliation is designed for sensitive to normal skin. It leaves
the textures of the skin visibly even and feeling silky smooth. This treatment ends with an ultrasonic infusion
which helps the skin actively absorb hydration and leaves you with a luscious complexion. You will leave
with healthy, nourished and revitalized skin, that's a given!

90 minutes $145

The Man-LEE:) Facial

Finally, a skin treatment specifically for men designed to exfoliate and cleanup congested pores.
This facial helps to remove ingrown hair and razor burn by using enzymes and ultrasonic vibrations
leaving your face looking tough and buff.

90 minutes $145

Sexy Back Facial

The sexy back facial gives you 'that glow.' Get those hard to reach blackheads that only those
behind you can see! This treatment includes extractions, and a masque to draw out impurities.
Make your back and shoulders as sexy as the rest of you!

Create a back facial that's right for you:

Ultrasonic Exfoliation and Extractions


Hydrodermabrasion - for stubborn blackheads & deep congestion


LED - For Acne, pigmentation or broken capillaries


Hydrodermabrasion & LED - For the Perfect Back!


Chemical Peel Treatments

Mediterranean Peel

Peels were performed in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome for luxurious looking skin. While today’s chemical peels are still extremely popular, they are more sophisticated, offering immediate results. This is a great treatment for reducing or eliminating the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring and uneven pigmentation – or if you simply want to rejuvenate your skin for a more enchanting you. There is a 3-5 day healing period.


For a more expedient heal add LED light therapy


I'm in Control

This is a Controlled Peel that is applied in layers; every seven minutes.This mandelic mixture is designed to remove pigmentation associated with acne and sun damage. Lightens fine lines and wrinkles and smoothes irregular texture. There is a 5-7 day healing period associated with this peel. $200

Add LED to minimize peeling and lessen downtime


Hydrodermabrasion Treatments



For a bewitching treatment that helps with fine lines and wrinkles try the Hydrodermabrasion! This treatment combines crystal free microdermabrasion to remove dead skin, vacuum suction to suck out deep impactions, steam to soften the skin and strategic products to improve skin conditions like congestion, acne lesions, pigmentation and hydration. This service is perfect for all skin types that need a Deep Cleansing but is specifically designed for Dull Skin, Age Management, Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Acne, Skin Smoothing and Hyper-pigmentation. This facial includes a customized mask to fight client's skin conditions.



Deep pore cleansing Hydrodermabrasion combined with a microcurrent infusion to push a customized blend of ingredients down the epidermis for deep penetration and hydration. Topped with an oxygen dome to provide supple hydrated skin, tight pores, a sense of well being and to induce relaxation from breathing 100% pure oxygen. The intake of the oxygen is great to revitalize dull skin due to excess sun exposure,smoking or aging.

This facial is perfect for Pregnant and Clean & Green Facial enthusiast who are looking for tight pores & firm hydrated skin without harsh chemicals. *


Oxygen Treatments


Oxygen Party Prep

An instant youthful glow is the immediate result of our oxygen facial! Perfect for red carpet events, your wedding day, before a Professional Makeup application or anytime you need to look plump and hydrated. Infusing oxygen into your skin will revive the skins tissues by reduce redness, plumping fine lines and creating a hydrated smoother surface.


Pimple Be-Gone

This Oxygen Facial is designed to eliminate all acne lesions. First Hydrodermabrasion to remove layers of dead skin & deep impactions from the pores. Next we apply an enzyme/acid mix to close the pores and kill bacteria to eliminate future breakouts. Then we pump pure, pressurized oxygen into inflamed bumps and cysts to minimize swelling and reduce redness. Last but not least, we use LED light therapy to hydrate the skin, decrease oil production, kill bacteria, and tighten the pores.


Anti-Aging Lifts & Microcurrent Treatments


Preserving Your Sexy concentrates on Laugh Lines, Building the Cheeks & Popping the Eyes

This facial begins with an Ultrasonic Cleansing to Exfoliate & Extract every pore and follicle. Then Microcurrents are used to brighten those eyes, sharpen the jaw line and tone your facial muscles. This "Non-Surgical" face enhancing treatment is designed to accent your facial features by feeding oxygen and blood to the muscles and skin to make them tighter. For a younger face, it will help to maintain the current muscle tone, firm the skin, create a healthy glow & preserve a youthful look!


A Younger/Firmer YOU - A customized lift for target areas

This facial begins by cleaning every pore and follicle with our Ultrasonic Exfoliation & Extractions. Then utilizes a “Microcurrent Lift” to tighten the muscles and contour the face. This lift is customized to fit your face! If you need a little help around the mouth, neck or forehead. It’s got you covered! This is a Wow Facial because it uses Clean & Green Anti-Aging techniques that transforms your face to a Younger, Firmer You!


For deeper pore cleansing, tighter, firmer skin and a brighter glow go for the Hydrodermabrasion & Microcurrent Combination


WOW Facial includes a Microcurrent Lift

You will look Spectacular after the WOW Facial. This Microcurrent treatments tightens and tones every muscle that is associated with a facelift to create a younger, tighter you! It also feeds blood & oxygen through your tissues to create Elastin & Collagen fibers to firm the skin. Done frequently enough this treatment can improve the signs of aging by strengthening the muscles and plumping the skin. Thus leaving the face fresh, firm and glowing!


For deeper pore cleansing, tighter, firmer skin & a brighter glow go for the Hydrodermabrasion and Microcurrent Combination


OMG - The Oh My God Facial

This is the Wow Facial times “three” - exfoliation, microcurrent and LED Light therapy. Just when you think it doesn’t get any better, we added light to work on the skins conditions. This service will Diminish Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Skin Texture & Color, Sun Damage, Redness & Irritation, Reduces Pore Size, Promotes Circulation for a Gorgeous Glow and will Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Ultrasonic Exfoliation & Extractions - a gentle but effective technique used for sensitive to normal skin types


Hydrodermabrasion Techniques - For stubborn blackheads and deep congestion


Tatum Time Treatments

A customized treatment designed for skin perfection! It begins with a Visia Skin Analysis and an In-depth Consultation to determine problem areas, complexion concerns and areas to improve. During this treatment, Tatum uses advanced exfoliation techniques, a combination of Oxygen therapies, Microcurrents and an array of LED Lights to create your Best YOU! This service is Fantastic for a special occasion or the client who seeks perfect skin!!!