Osmosis +Sculpt is a technology that uses microcurrents to lift, tone, and sculpt the body. How does it work? +Sculpt sends microcurrents into the body, and those microcurrents liquefy fat cells. The liquid, which is filled with toxins, is gently pushed out of each cell. The toxins then enter your lymphatic system and exit your body. +Sculpt safely quickens the the detoxification process needed to eliminate fat cells. And, unlike a general detox program, +Sculpt targets your most troublesome areas. As per Osmosis’ website, +Sculpt is "the most advanced and effective holistic fat loss device in the world.” It is the only one of its kind, and we’re proud to offer +Sculpt treatments to our clients.

+Sculpt treatments can be done on an ongoing or as-needed basis. More treatments will yield more dramatic results.


  • One Step at a Time - $150 - (1) Body Treatment
  • Party Dress - $360 - (3) Body Treatments
  • Skinny Jeans - $625 - (5) Body Treatments
  • Beach Ready - $999 - (10) Body Treatments (includes free pads)
  • Take-home Detox Kit-$14 - Detox Journal + Supplements - (1) Melt &  (1) Elevate
  • Monthly Maintenance Plan - $99/Month
  • Pads are $2 each