Skin by Tatum makes headlines with GQ and Jonathan Cheban.


Even casual fans of the empire Kris Jenner built are familiar with Jonathan Cheban. He's most often found at the side of Kim Kardashian, on TV, on red carpets, and, more recently, on her Snapchat account. These days, Cheban spends his time these days traveling the world as a self-proclaimed "food god." That means sampling the most decadent and out-there cuisine from around the world, even if, as in one recent case, that means eating horse in Iceland.

But all that traveling, eating, and socializing can be brutal on a man's face. That's why Cheban, who is 42 years old, has gone above and beyond with his facial game. Every two weeks, the former Command PR CEO visits Skin by Tatum in Miami, where founder Tatum Fritts has turned the spa-like atmosphere of a regular facial into a futuristic science lab. Creams and exfoliators are one thing, but Fritts prefers tools that penetrate the muscles to keep the skin tight, masks that tighten the skin around your eyes, and domes that pump pure oxygen onto your face. The total for Jonathan's lavish facials? $770. And while there's lot of reasons Jonathan's epic facials go for close to eight bills (getting them done with Tatum herself costs 20% more than with her employees), it's simply that Jonathan springs for the works with the latest gadgets. It's a tough life, but someone's gotta do it, right? Below, we talked to Tatum about her arsenal of face-bettering weapons.

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