Vitamin C & Me

I am all about vitamin C lately, and I’m not talking about eating more oranges (although that’s good, too). I’m talking about how this amazing vitamin works depending on how you take it.

Taken internally (like a vitamin pill, those yummy vitamin pouches, or a liquid vitamin tincture), vitamin C is not only good for your immune system (y’all know that already), but it tightens your skin -- from the inside out!  

When applied topically on the skin it lightens, so it’s great for age spots, uneven pigmentation, and general use. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles (gotta love that), stimulates collagen & elastic, and it’s a good protector from everyday UV light and environmental stress.  

I love it.  I use it on the daily.  In house, we apply topical vitamin C when we do our microneedling treatment.  It’s just so good for the skin.  Our vitamin C serums of choice are Luzern’s V12 serum, Catalyst-AC11 by Osmosis, and Liposomal Vitamin C by Quicksilver Bioentifio -- all are packed with pure vitamin C.  You can put liposomal (liquid Vitamin C) under your tongue or swish it around for at least 30 seconds and swallow.  It's great for increasing your antioxidants, boosting your immune system, building elastic and collagen, helping keep inflammation in start.





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