SKIN DEEP: Summer Skin

It's summertime!  Up north and in most of the south, summer means BBQs, beaches, and lots of time in the good old outdoors.  In Miami, we’ve just gone from hot to steamy, sticky hot.  The sun is raging down here.  By now, you all know that the sun is no friend to your skin, but what’s really going on with your skin during summer?  Let’s take a closer look.

Everybody knows that they should apply sunblock and avoid direct exposure to sunlight as much as possible.  The sun looks great in the sky, and it feels so warm on the skin, but it’s no good for your skin. Here’s the lowdown.  Sunlight…

  • ages you quickly, my dears. Those fine lines and wrinkles?  We can’t completely avoid them we we age, but we can keep them to a minimum by avoiding direct sunlight and protecting our skin with sunblock, sun-protective gear, and hats.  
  • damages the skin by altering pigmentation.  It creates uneven, rough patches of skin, which can give you that tan “lizard look.”  In other words, it can really mess up your skin’s texture.  
  • gives you more brown spots, liver spots, and freckles.
  • creates moles, which can lead to skin cancer.  Unfortunately, in sunny climates and everywhere the sun shines, we really do need to think about this.

On the beauty side of things, here’s what’s happening to your skin during summer:  The air is humid, to say the very least.  Here in Miami the humidity index is sky high all summer long.  Because it’s hotter and more humid, we sweat more (unless you’re one of the those people who don’t ever sweat).  Add sunblock and makeup to the mix and we have a recipe for congestion and acne.  

So, how can you protect your skin over the next few months (or five or so months if you live in Miami)?  It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy.  

  • Use sunblock — even on cloudy days.
  • Wear hats and sun-protective clothing.  
  • Avoid the sun during peak hours when the sun is highest in the sky (about 10:00 AM — 4:00 PM or 9:00 AM — 5:00 PM if you’re in Miami).
  • Clean your skin at least twice a day — and exfoliate!
  • Get a facial. That’s right. Ok, this may sound a bit cheeky coming from me, but regular facials help to prevent or clear acne and congestion, smooth skin texture, and roll back time undoing sun damage.

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Happy summer!