Osmosis +Sculpt

Here’s my big news: I found a machine that takes the fat right out of you. Ok, not so easy. It shrinks fat cells and reduces that bulge around your (insert your trouble spot here: hips, butt, waist, sideboob, etc.).

It SHRINKS fat cells! Seriously, it’s like all my prayers have been answered. Hello!

How does it do it? Through microcurrents. Just like with our microcurrent lift facial treatment, +Sculpt lifts and sculpts the body parts it touches. It sends microcurrents into your body which liquefy fat cells. That’s how they shrink. That liquid (toxins) is pushed out of each cell. Then the toxins enter your lymphatic system, the superhighway that expels all the bad stuff through sweat and urine. Fat be gone!





  • One Step At a Time - $150 - (1) Body Treatment
  • Party Dress - $360 - (3) Body Treatments
  • Skinny Jeans - $625 - (5) Body Treatments
  • Beach Ready - $999 - (10) Body Treatments
  • Take-home Detox Kit, which includes a Detox Journal and Supplements: (1) Melt and (1) Elevate -$140
  • Monthly Maintenance Plan - $99/MONTH


Check out these before and after pictures (after just one 20-minute treatment!):

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 10.35.29 AM.png