Glow Bar

My favorite latest addition to Skin by Tatum is our Glow Bar.  

The Glow Bar is where you can quickly steam your face, try a mask, cleanse, and apply serums and moisturizers in a matter of minutes. It’s a quick facial pick-me-up for clients who are on the go, or in-between facials, or who just want to try something new. It’s absolutely awesome for clients who don’t have the time to sit for a facial, but need a boost.  It’s a great  addition to your self-care routine. I love it post-workouts and pre meetings.

And for clients who need a bit more -- say, a little lift -- you can apply a Hydro or a Perk at the Glow Bar.

Come on by to our Glow Bar to get a quick deep, clean. Pull up a stool and get glowing!  Walk-ins are welcome!



PS: We’re also taking this on the road. Check out our popups at Green Monkey the last Monday of every month.