Thinking About My 10-Year Anniversary

Has it been 10 years already?

What’s changed? I was a one-room show 10 years ago. Today, we have five beds.

What hasn’t? From the beginning, I’ve been clean & green. That’s been my motto,I always look for the finest most elegant ingredients i can find and drive them in with technology ).

I’m happy to say that I never skipped out on my integrity. I never caved or sacrificed my ideals just to make more money. My goal has always been and will always be simple: to keep it green, to keep it clean, and to be a leader in green anti-aging skincare. So far, I’ve done it! Kilimanjaro is next! (Just kidding!)

I love what I do, and I’m always upping my game. Every year for the past 10, I’ve gone out to the skincare tradeshow in Vegas to learn about the latest in skincare products and technologies. I’m always hunting for green skincare products that walk the walk, and talk the talk., and I’m quick to adopt new effective  technologies that do what they say they’ll do. (In fact, we have a sweet new machine  It’s called Osmosis +Sculpt, and that’s all I’ll say about it for now. You’re gonna love it.)

I could never have made it this far without the loyalty I received from  my clients. I also deeply appreciate all the support and recognition I’ve been receiving from my social media friends: Jonathan Cheban, Kim Kardashian, and Gabrielle Union, THANK YOU!!

Every day, I try to be the freshest me I can be. I eat well, I exercise, I get enough sleep, I hydrate, and I use green skincare products.  I practice what I preach, so I can pass along the best of me to my clients, who take care of their skin free of toxins and who dare to go green with me.

It’s been an incredible 10 years, and I’m having my best year yet. Thank you for being on this journey with me!


Osmosis Sculpt Party (409 of 442).jpg

Osmosis +Sculpt

Here’s my big news: I found a machine that takes the fat right out of you. Ok, not so easy. It shrinks fat cells and reduces that bulge around your (insert your trouble spot here: hips, butt, waist, sideboob, etc.).

It SHRINKS fat cells! Seriously, it’s like all my prayers have been answered. Hello!

How does it do it? Through microcurrents. Just like with our microcurrent lift facial treatment, +Sculpt lifts and sculpts the body parts it touches. It sends microcurrents into your body which liquefy fat cells. That’s how they shrink. That liquid (toxins) is pushed out of each cell. Then the toxins enter your lymphatic system, the superhighway that expels all the bad stuff through sweat and urine. Fat be gone!





  • One Step At a Time - $150 - (1) Body Treatment
  • Party Dress - $360 - (3) Body Treatments
  • Skinny Jeans - $625 - (5) Body Treatments
  • Beach Ready - $999 - (10) Body Treatments
  • Take-home Detox Kit, which includes a Detox Journal and Supplements: (1) Melt and (1) Elevate -$140
  • Monthly Maintenance Plan - $99/MONTH


Check out these before and after pictures (after just one 20-minute treatment!):

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 10.35.29 AM.png

Quick Skin Regimen

A skincare regimen is elusive for a lot of people.  Many people aren’t sure which creams or serums to use and in what order.  They wonder if they should exfoliate, and if so, how often.  And serums? Which ones? During facials, I give customers insight about the best products (cleansers, serums, moisturizers, etc.) to use. But what if you’re in a DIY kind of mood and want something earthy & simple to get your skin glowing in the morning?  So, I have a gift for you. Here’s a super-quick skincare regimen that even the busiest CEO’s can follow. Each one takes less than 10 minutes, I swear. Ready? Here you go:

If you have dry or combination skin, try this:

  1. Scrub: Don’t throw away those coffee grinds! Mix a pea-sized amount with a creamy cleaner. The caffeine will simulate & invigorate your skin. The longer you leave this combo on your skin, the more invigorating it will feel.

  2. Soothe: Put a few drops of oil -- like grapeseed or coconut oil -- in the palm of your hand and mix with a few drops of calming essential oils (like lavender or bergamot). Pat your face gently with the mixture.  

  3. Moisturize: Apply your favorite moisturizer.

  4. Protect: Apply sunscreen.


If you have oily skin, try this:

  1. Scrub: Don’t throw away those coffee grinds! Mix a pea-sized amount with a gel cleaner. The caffeine will simulate & invigorate your skin. The longer you leave this combo on your skin, the more invigorating it will feel.

  2. Soothe: Put a few drops of hyaluronic acid in a bowl and mix in a few drops of your favorite essential oils with antiseptic properties. For a light serum, use tea tree oil. For a medium one, use eucalyptus oil. For a strong one, use peppermint or all three.      Pat your face gently with the mixture.

  3. Moisturize: Apply your favorite moisturizer.

  4. Protect: Apply sunscreen.






Glow Bar

My favorite latest addition to Skin by Tatum is our Glow Bar.  

The Glow Bar is where you can quickly steam your face, try a mask, cleanse, and apply serums and moisturizers in a matter of minutes. It’s a quick facial pick-me-up for clients who are on the go, or in-between facials, or who just want to try something new. It’s absolutely awesome for clients who don’t have the time to sit for a facial, but need a boost.  It’s a great  addition to your self-care routine. I love it post-workouts and pre meetings.

And for clients who need a bit more -- say, a little lift -- you can apply a Hydro or a Perk at the Glow Bar.

Come on by to our Glow Bar to get a quick deep, clean. Pull up a stool and get glowing!  Walk-ins are welcome!



PS: We’re also taking this on the road. Check out our popups at Green Monkey the last Monday of every month.





Treatment spotlight: Microneedling

Microneedling is hot right now. It’s new, it’s noninvasive, and it works.  You may be wondering “What is microneedling, exactly?” and “Should I do it?”  Let’s talk.

Microneedling is a skin treatment that uses teeny tiny superfine needles to make invisible puncture wounds in the skin’s uppermost layers.  These micro-injuries (as we call them) stimulate the body’s natural healing process, which increases cell turnover as well as natural collagen and elastin production.  So, basically, we use tiny needles to jumpstart your body to produce more collagen and elastin. Cool, right?  Also because this treatment opens up the pores so well, whatever serums we apply to the skin go deep, increasing their potency and effectiveness. Our serums become super-serums.

So, who is microneedling best for?  Everyone. Really, everyone.  But who benefits the most??  We recommend it for acne, fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and congested skin.  Microneedling, especially if done routinely (like every month or so), can really reduce, if not eliminate, fine lines and wrinkles and even out skin pigmentation.  Some people experience minor skin irritation (equal to an inflammation or detox), but most people leave Skin by Tatum with no evidence other than amazing, fresh, youthful, and yes, glowing skin.

Want to talk more? Call us for more info.




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Hydrate Yo'self!

At least fifty thousand times a day (ok, I may be exaggerating, but it’s a LOT), I tell my clients, my friends, the girl at the checkout counter to hydrate. I cannot say it enough. Hydration is the key to good skin. If you’re hydrated, it shows.  Not only is it good (and necessary, people) for the part of you that you can’t see (think organs), but it’s essential for your skin.  If you hydrate consistently, your skin will get that natural glow.  

How much should you drink?  Everyone says 8 cups a day...but if you drink coffee and alcohol, you’ve gotta drink more than that.  Here’s where my skingeek side kicks in: Did you know that you need to drink 4 cups of water to make up for every 1 cup of coffee you drink?  Same goes for alcohol.  Seriously, enjoy it all, just make it up on the other side.

But, Tatum, you may be thinking, I hate’s just so plain.  Think of it like this: Water’s like a little black dress.  You can keep it plain and casual or you can dress it up.  Every now and again, I like to add a little zing to my water, myself.  It makes it yummy and more exciting...and, if I like what I’m drinking, I’ll drink more of it...which helps my skin retain its youthful qualities (hear me, women over 40) and keeps me healthy from the inside out.

To get you going, here are some ideas to liven up your water:

  • lemon
  • lime
  • orange
  • grapefruit
  • starfruit
  • cucumber
  • honeydew
  • cantaloupe

Or try these combos:

  • Get herbal: cucumber + basil or mint.
  • Spice it up: pineapple + ginger + mint
  • Fruit stand: strawberries + blueberries + raspberries
  • Clean: watermelon + mint

To your health!





Vitamin C & Me

I am all about vitamin C lately, and I’m not talking about eating more oranges (although that’s good, too). I’m talking about how this amazing vitamin works depending on how you take it.

Taken internally (like a vitamin pill, those yummy vitamin pouches, or a liquid vitamin tincture), vitamin C is not only good for your immune system (y’all know that already), but it tightens your skin -- from the inside out!  

When applied topically on the skin it lightens, so it’s great for age spots, uneven pigmentation, and general use. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles (gotta love that), stimulates collagen & elastic, and it’s a good protector from everyday UV light and environmental stress.  

I love it.  I use it on the daily.  In house, we apply topical vitamin C when we do our microneedling treatment.  It’s just so good for the skin.  Our vitamin C serums of choice are Luzern’s V12 serum, Catalyst-AC11 by Osmosis, and Liposomal Vitamin C by Quicksilver Bioentifio -- all are packed with pure vitamin C.  You can put liposomal (liquid Vitamin C) under your tongue or swish it around for at least 30 seconds and swallow.  It's great for increasing your antioxidants, boosting your immune system, building elastic and collagen, helping keep inflammation in start.





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Summer Skincare Cheatsheet

You may have read that your winter moisturizer is too heavy for summer?  Yes, that’s right. It is.  To maintain healthy, glowing skin this summer — and to avoid problems like acne and congestion, here are a few tips:

  • Use more exfoliation: Luzern's Au Vin is our pick.
  • Try Osmosis Vitamin A & a scrub, topped with clay mask.
  • Experiment with Adult Luzern O2 mask because it has oxygen & anti-inflammatory properties. It will tighten pores & extract without dryness.
  • Apply Osmosis Skincare Pore Minimizing Clay Purifying Mask.  This product from Osmosis’ medical line has super extraction qualities.  We use it for deeply congested skin.  Added bonus: Clay extracts the skin in between visits. 





Products We Love: COOLA

COOLA is the coolest sunscreen.  Why do we love it?  It’s non-toxic, lightweight (not thick and grimy like other sunblocks), and it’s a heavy-duty skin protector.  Mineral-based, it’s also natural, organic, and locally sourced.  In short, it’s green and luxurious and effective.  From classic sunscreens to tinted sunscreens and lip balm, COOLA makes a formula to protect every part of you.  COOLA also carries sunless tanners and sun-repair serums for when you have an “oops” moment.  (It happens!)  Oh, and since we’re on the go quite a bit, we love that COOLA comes in cute, purse-portable, travel-sized sets.

SKIN DEEP: Summer Skin

It's summertime!  Up north and in most of the south, summer means BBQs, beaches, and lots of time in the good old outdoors.  In Miami, we’ve just gone from hot to steamy, sticky hot.  The sun is raging down here.  By now, you all know that the sun is no friend to your skin, but what’s really going on with your skin during summer?  Let’s take a closer look.

Everybody knows that they should apply sunblock and avoid direct exposure to sunlight as much as possible.  The sun looks great in the sky, and it feels so warm on the skin, but it’s no good for your skin. Here’s the lowdown.  Sunlight…

  • ages you quickly, my dears. Those fine lines and wrinkles?  We can’t completely avoid them we we age, but we can keep them to a minimum by avoiding direct sunlight and protecting our skin with sunblock, sun-protective gear, and hats.  
  • damages the skin by altering pigmentation.  It creates uneven, rough patches of skin, which can give you that tan “lizard look.”  In other words, it can really mess up your skin’s texture.  
  • gives you more brown spots, liver spots, and freckles.
  • creates moles, which can lead to skin cancer.  Unfortunately, in sunny climates and everywhere the sun shines, we really do need to think about this.

On the beauty side of things, here’s what’s happening to your skin during summer:  The air is humid, to say the very least.  Here in Miami the humidity index is sky high all summer long.  Because it’s hotter and more humid, we sweat more (unless you’re one of the those people who don’t ever sweat).  Add sunblock and makeup to the mix and we have a recipe for congestion and acne.  

So, how can you protect your skin over the next few months (or five or so months if you live in Miami)?  It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy.  

  • Use sunblock — even on cloudy days.
  • Wear hats and sun-protective clothing.  
  • Avoid the sun during peak hours when the sun is highest in the sky (about 10:00 AM — 4:00 PM or 9:00 AM — 5:00 PM if you’re in Miami).
  • Clean your skin at least twice a day — and exfoliate!
  • Get a facial. That’s right. Ok, this may sound a bit cheeky coming from me, but regular facials help to prevent or clear acne and congestion, smooth skin texture, and roll back time undoing sun damage.

Got any questions? Reach out to me @  

Happy summer!