Glow Bar Facials


Steam, scrub, treat & go!  With Skin by Tatum’s Glow Bar Facial, you can freshen up on the go.  Our guided skin treatments at our Glow Bar will leave you clean, glowing, and ready to put your best face forward.

Quickie  (15mins)  $25

Double Cleanse, Scrub, Apply Serum, Moisturizer & Sunscreen.

Fresh & So Clean Clean  (45mins) $50

Quickie + Exfoliation + Mask.

Get Perky   (75mins) $75

Quickie + Fresh & So Clean Clean + Perk Infusion of your choice

Ultrasonic  (75mins) $115

Assisted Ultrasonic Exfoliation + Mask

Get Perky   (75mins) $130

Ultrasonic + Osmosis Infusion + Mask