Shape & Sculpt
Did you know that properly groomed eyebrows create a proportioned face?
Our brow specialist will sculpt and shape your best brows.  After taking full measurements of your eyebrows & the structure of your face to determine your true shape, she’ll contour your brows to perfection and finish with a pencil, powder, or gel.
Initial $35
Repeat $25

Precise tweezing and scissor trimming for a groomed, clean, perfectly-shaped brow.

Need More Brows?
For over-waxed or over-tweezed brows, bald spots, and unnatural brow mishaps
Are you looking for fuller brows? Try our fill-in service! We’ll stencil your preferred shape and teach you how to create your perfect brow by increasing fullness and depth to your arches. To highlight your new shape, final touches are done with a pencil, gel or powder.

Sexy Lashes
Fuller lashes put the sexy in any look. Choose a full or partial set of lashes in clusters of three or a full strip. Make sure to wink!
Full set in clusters $60
Partial in cluster $45
Full strip (synthetic) $20

Tinted Brows & Lashes
Add depth and definition to your lashes & brows with a shade that complements your skin tone, eyes & hair color.
Brow $20
Lash $30