Earthy, Sexy, Beach Glow
This makeup application is perfect after a facial. It will make you look effortlessly, naturally striking! This look is achieved by applying products like tinted moisturizer, BB cream, blush or bronzer, a sweep of mascara & a lip gloss.

For Your Eyes Only
Complement your eye color with the right shades to make them pop!  For a finishing touch, we’ll define your eye shape with liner & mascara.  This service will give you a bright-eyed look and a memorable glance!

Red Carpet Ready
Do you have a hot date, special GNO, wedding, black-tie event?  This full-face makeup application will give your skin a deep, contoured glow, make your eyes shine, and your lips shimmer.  Treat your most glamorous self with a shimmers, glitters, and lashes for a finishing touch.